What We Do

handout no credit caption: The Bucks Native American Singing and Drumming Group has performed at every Present Music Thanksgiving concert since 2000. Group members sit in a circle around a drum.

Spotted Eagle, Inc. (SEI) is the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) Section 166 American Indian Grantee for Southeastern Wisconsin. Spotted Eagle Inc. is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, Division of Indian and Native American Programs.

Spotted Eagle Inc. has provided workforce development employment and training services to American Indians in southeastern Wisconsin for over 40 years and currently services the counties of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington, Racine, and Kenosha counties.

Our Mission:

Spotted Eagle, Inc. offers the American Indian Community services and resources to navigate pathways to self-determination and empowerment, creating bonds of understanding across all cultures, while strengthening family, community, and tribal relationships.

Our Vision:

American Indian people living in Southeastern Wisconsin have the resources they need to collaboratively celebrate their respective cultural values while achieving economic, social, and educational wellness within an off-reservation environment.